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Sabores & Colores of
La Boca and San Telmo

Step into the soul of Buenos Aires with our immersive La Boca and San Telmo food and history tour, where every bite tells a story. Begin your culinary adventure in La Boca, a neighborhood bursting with color and character. Taste the sizzling street food, from mouthwatering empanadas to savory choripán, and soak in the artistic charm of Caminito's vibrant murals.

As we traverse into San Telmo, a historic district with cobblestone streets and antique markets, discover hidden culinary gems. Sample traditional parrilla delights, savoring succulent grilled meats and robust Argentine wines. 

Our expert guides will navigate you through the stories behind each dish and the cultural significance of the neighborhoods. From quaint cafes to bustling markets, this tour is a feast for the senses, inviting you to experience the heart and flavor of Buenos Aires in every savory moment.

If you're in Buenos Aires and you love food (who doesn't, right?), do yourself a favor and check out the La Boca and San Telmo Food Tour. Our tour guide, Nati, was like the ultimate foodie buddy. She knew all the best spots in La Boca and had a story for every bite we took. Highly recommended!

Dale S.

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