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Tango With The Locals

Welcome to Buenos Aires, the birthplace of Tango! Join us to discover the passion and history behind this iconic dance in an authentic way, away from sparkly touristy shows. The evening will start with dinner and drinks to get us in the mood, followed by a visit to a milonga. There, we will take a tango lesson, mingle with locals, have a few more drinks and dance the night away! In between stops, 

our guide will show you around the neighborhood, share tips and more.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to experience the passion and beauty of tango in Buenos Aires like a true porteño.

My friends and I did the Tango with the Locals tour with Natalia, and it was really just wonderful. She was so knowledgeable and the whole experience was exceptionally fun! There was great food, and even though I’m a horrible dancer, I even got into the tango spirit. It was a real tango experience with local people who live in Buenos Aires, and it was most definitely worth it. We all had an AMAZING time.


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